Choosing the right approach to mobile app development is a crucial step that can make or break your project. We design and develop apps for iOS (iPhones and iPads) and Android. You as a customer are always in control of the proccess and fully updated on the project status. Your feedback is critical to the continuous improvement of the application.

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Leftlane offers hiqh-quality responsive cross-platform web design, customized to target your audience. We work with both frontend and backend development, implementing the latest technologies to provide your adience with a great user experience. Our frontend programming languages include HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and JQUERY. On the backend we work with PHP, .NET and MySQL (database).

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We implement both manual and automated testing. Automated tests do the best job while checking constantly repeating tasks, and manual testing gives the best feeling of the product and audit.

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For mobile apps this is a crutial stage to ensure that the representation of the app on the App Store or Google Play is of high quality and persuasive enough for the user to decide to download it. On websites the implementation of Google Analytics is vital for the success and relevance of your product on the web.

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